Stakeholder Platform

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PANBioRA is actively looking during the entire project period for specialists who want to contribute their opinions and insights to project relevant topics especially in the field of "biomaterials", "implants", "medical devices", "risk analysis" and "multiscale modelling".
Are you an expert working in any of these fields and would you like to get involved in an innovative project?

Identification of stakeholders needs and perspectives

Participate in the PANBioRA stakeholder survey here and share your experiences and knowledge!

The main goal of this survey is to identify stakeholders needs and perspectives with respect to the development and use of an integrated risk governance framework for biomaterials and biomaterial based products. The output from this survey will be used in developing a web-tool to enable horizon scanning of “hot spots” and monitoring of risks based on a web-based analysis.

Please contact Geethu Balachandran, for any questions you might have:
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