Scientific Publications


Immune assisted tissue engineering via incorporation of macrophages in cell-laden hydrogels under cytokine stimulation
Julien G. Barthès, Camille Dollinger, Celine B. Muller, Urmas Liivas, Agnes Dupret-Bories, Helena Knopf-Marques and Nihal E. Vrana, in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 13 July 2018, Full text available here.

Enabling personalized implant and controllable biosystem development through 3Dprinting, N. Nagarajan
A. Dupret-Bories, Erdem Karabulut, P.Zorlutuna, N.E.Vrana, Biotechnology Advances, first available online 9 February 2018

Assessment of cortical bone fracture resistance curves by fusing artificial neural networks and linear regression
Arso M. Vukicevic, Gordana R. Jovicic, Milos N. Jovicic, Vladimir L. Milicevic & Nenad D. Filipovic, in: Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Volume 21, 2018 - Issue 2, pp.169-176.