New Research Topic related to 3D printing!

The PANBioRA project partner Protip Medical is editing a new research topic in Bioengineering and Biotechnology: 3D Printing for Implantable Medical Devices: From Surgical Reconstruction to Tissue/Organ Regeneration

Thi Research Topic welcomes articles in the following areas:
- 3D printing of personalized medical implants (metals, ceramics and polymers)
- Development of new bioinks to print implantable engineered tissues
- 3D printing of surgical guides
- 3D printing of medical devices
- Development of specific 3D printer for medical applications

This Research Topic will be a collection of research articles, review and mini-reviews which will highlight the recent advances in 3D printing for implantable medical devices. Papers focusing on the elaboration of CAD from medical images (X-Ray, CT scan and MRI) are also welcome.

Submission deadline:

15 April - Abstract

13 August - Manuscript

More information here.