How biomechanology will help evaluate the reaction of biomaterials with tissues and cells

Another PANBioRA contributor to the book "Biomaterials for Organ and Tissue Regeneration: New Technologies and Future Prospects" is Michael Gasik from Aalto University. His main research lies in biomaterials and tissue engineering and medical devices testing and evaluation. Thus, he is the perfect expert sharing new advances in the field of biomaterial research.

The chapter Michael Gasik has contributed to relates to mechanical aspects of biomaterials and their interaction with tissue engineering applications. Mechanical stimuli is one of the three fundamental stimuli which may directly interact with the cells, besides chemical (+ pharmacology) and electrical, but they have received much less attention. We aimed to address this topic to provide recent outlook on existing and emerging data on mechano-biology and biomechanics, which might open new perspectives in biomaterials for tissue engineering.
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