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The Frontiers research topic: Adverse Reactions to Biomaterials: State of the Art in Biomaterial Risk Assessment, Immunomodulation and In Vitro Models for Biomaterial Testing is edited by PANBioRA's scienticif coordinator Nihal Engin Vrana from Protip Medical and consortium member Amir Ghaemmaghami from University of Nottingham.

The full article: In vivo Implantation of a Bovine-Derived Collagen Membrane Leads to Changes in the Physiological Cellular Pattern of Wound Healing by the Induction of Multinucleated Giant Cells: An Adverse Reaction? by Sarah Al-Maawi, Chakorn Vorakulpipat, Anna Orlowska, Tomislav A. Zrnc, Robert A. Sader, C James Kirkpatrick and Shahram Ghanaati is available to download!