Frontiers Research Topic edited by PANBioRA partners

PANBioRA's scientific coordinator Nihal Engin Vrana (Protip Medical), together with PANBioRA project partner Amir Ghaemmaghami (University of Nottingham) as well as Pinar Zorlutuna (Univeristy of Notre Dame) are the editors of the Frontiers research topic: Adverse Reactions to Biomaterials: State of the Art in Biomaterial Risk Assessment, Immunomodulation and In Vitro Models for Biomaterial Testing.

The ten publications fell into one of the four main areas, the research topic is covering:

1) Understanding Adverse Reactions to Biomaterials: Basic in vitro and in vivo studies elucidating the reactions to biomaterials from single cell to system level.

2) Biomaterial testing systems and methods: New techniques, technologies and methods for physical, mechanical, chemical and biological characterization of biomaterials with a particular emphasis on potential risks pertaining to their use.

3) Immunomodulation: Immunomodulation innovations for mediation of implanted biomaterial host interactions via micro/nanoscale surface modifications, immune-instructive biomaterial design, controlled delivery of cytokines or similar technologies.

4) In vitro models and on-chip systems: In vitro model systems at single organ or connected organs level for studies of biomaterial interactions with tissues.

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