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3D printing is not only influencing the industrial field but also leading to innovations and progress in clinical applications, e.g. in form of personalized implantable devices.

The first review...

The EU-funded project PANBioRA - Personalised And/or Generalised Integrated Biomaterial Risk Assessment has kicked off in January 2018. For the next four years, 17 project partners will collaborate to...

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Upcoming Events

in Gent, Belgium
in Brussels, Belgium

Discover how EU research and innovation improves everyday life in an event jointly organised by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

in Valencia, Spain

New Solutions to Support the Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis of the Concentration of Nanomaterials in Workplaces and Urban Areas

in Tirana, Albania
in Pisa, Italy

Workshop organized by ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA in the framework of the European Research Council project #SLaMM

in Venice, Italy

Training School on the new generation of nano-environmental, health and safety.

in Dresden, Germany

The mission of the European Society for Biomaterials has been to serve as a highly interactive community committed to promote excellence in all aspects of biomaterial science, tissue engineering,...